About Us

Dolman Audio Visual was formed in 1980 by myself, Peter Dolman. I served my apprenticeship as a service engineer with a small independent retailer and later on in my career saw life as a technician with one of the largest UK service organisations. In between these contrasting jobs, I had the opportunity to work as a Television Development Engineer with a leading British set manufacturer. This career move rewarded me with a valuable appreciation of receiver design and manufacture. During the past 35 years I have achieved professional engineering status, received the Licentiateship of the City an Guilds and have gained a formal qualification in Further Education Teaching. I have also worked on a freelance basis for colleges and examination boards in the capacity of examiner and verifying assessor, as well as a technical author.

I make mention of these past events purely to serve as a means of indicating one of the reasons why I genuinely believe that we offer a standard of technical ability (and adaptability) which is not commonplace in the field of AV servicing. It is the application of the joint experience of our team members which has enabled us to assemble a unique knowledge base from which to draw. This provides us with major advantages in that we are able to offer a competent, comprehensive and effective fault finding and repair service, covering a wide range of diverse products.

We set up our small company here in rural Wiltshire to provide the kind of audio visual product repair that I believe every owner deserves. With our conscientious team we offer an affordable high standard of service, based on years of experience in our chosen field and a breadth of experience in the industry which I believe places us in a unique position to live up to our ideals.

As we have a strong grounding in engineering principles, we achieve a very high success rate in the repair of the AV products we handle, even those for which there is limited technical information (for example when the manufacturer has ceased to trade, the unit is old, or where it was not adequately supported by the importer). Also, by establishing direct access to spares with major manufacturers and distributors we can often source even those more difficult to locate parts, should your repair require it. Wherever possible, the original manufacturers' spares will be employed. However, if these are unavailable and substitution becomes necessary, we base our decisions on sound technical judgment, ensuring the sourcing of components which equal, or in many cases, exceed the original specification!

Here at Dolman AV - over the years - we have serviced and repaired many well known manufacturers products which incude Aiwa, JVC, Sony, Toshiba Yamaha and many others