Send us your repair…. Our Charges and Repair Policy

We charge for our work at the rate of £60.00 plus VAT per hour.

Where possible we use manufacturer's genuine spares. If a viable equivalent is available more cheaply we would give you the option to decide on which to use (eg laser pickups), together with our own opinion. If the part is not available we will attempt to source an alternative based on the criteria of matching or exceeding the specification of the original component, advising you of this.

We are sometimes asked to provide an estimate 'before starting any work', but must point out that providing estimates necessitates our diagnosing and proving all faults exhibited by the product in question to a sensible degree of accuracy prior to us then contacting the owner with the necessary information. Please understand that this represents a significant amount of work and so we must make it clear that we do need to make a charge for the labour thus incurred (although we do try to moderate this in the event that you decide to decline our estimate). Some people may hope for a 'free estimate' but one cannot help but wonder at such generosity on the part of those who claim to provide them. Surely there will be some means of including the estimate time in the firm's charges or their paid engineers could end up having to work for nothing! Of course, it is quite possible that those who are paying the price for the free estimates enjoyed by some are the customers who are having their equipment repaired. Call us cynical, but we've yet to see anyone genuinely provide a free estimate service without recouping it somewhere. Enough is to say that we do not choose to work in this way and so you can be certain that the charges you incur will accurately and exclusively reflect our work on your product ONLY. So we make no apologies for clearly stating our policy on the facts relating to the provision of estimates.

However we are sometimes asked during general conversation to try to give a free 'guesstimate' when we discuss your repair, prior to any work starting, which we will be happy to try to do, but obviously this cannot be considered to be anything other than just our educated guess!

If you do wish to send us your repair, we suggest you telephone us first. This is far better than e-mail which is one - way and laborious. By phoning us, we can discuss your repair in detail and you will find confidence in having spoken to us, raising any questions etc.

You may prefer to bring your repair along to our workshop personally If so you will find details of our location on our 'Contact us' page.

If you require a field service visit, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will provide you with an idea of the charge we make for this, which is dependent on your location and whether you will require one or more turnouts. Please note that we rarely attempt the repair of a product in situ, as we firmly believe that efficient and successful repairs are the result of working under optimum conditions and then following up with a minimum 24 hour monitored bench test.

Our guarantee is for three months from completion of the repair. This is determined by the manufacturers and spares distributors who guarantee their spares for that period. Our guarantee covers all the work we have done. However, in the unusual case of an unassociated failure arising subsequently, ie one not related to our previous repair, and one which we could not have possibly envisaged at that time, this would qualify as a separate chargeable repair. This is just common sense and is akin to not expecting your motor mechanic to supply and fit a free gearbox should it fail a month after he/she had fitted a new radiator to your car! However, be assured that, in the unlikely event that such a situation did occur on one of our repairs, we would be willing to consider the case very sympathetically. In practice it hardly ever does!