Are you reluctant to be fobbed off with so - called universal remotes which need programming and don't operate YOUR unit fully (if at all)?

Perhaps you've been quoted a high price for a replacement?

Then please read on…

a) We can provide most types of remote handsets, freeing you of the need to put up with the limitations imposed by most so-called 'universal' types (as favoured by some stores). In our experience these are usually stocked because it is simply less effort for the retailer to carry one item than to establish the necessary trading arrangements required to provide a non-programmable handset that really gives you all the functions that your product was intended to have. Please ring or e-mail us with the make and model number of your product and we will be able to provide you with a fully functioning and cost effective solution to your remote control requirements.

b) Experience when speaking to our customers has forced us to conclude that the price mark-up on accessories, particularly cables can be astonishing! We can supply virtually every sort of cable solution to suit your interconnection needs. All cables have been carefully evaluated by us here and are of high quality, yet shouldn't break the bank. We can also supply most connectors or make up custom leads to meet your exact requirements.